Weekend Photo Challenge (Week 2) With Current Favorite Toy

rakshi playing

he is crazy about miniature model toy animals

Today, I was invited by Ezster of kukolina.wordpress.com to participate in a weekly photo challenge. As a newbie blogger, this is my first time to get invited to a weekly activity and I was surprisingly excited! The theme for this weekend is ” with current favorite toy”. Oh well,  I thought, …easy peasy..I just have to ask my Rakshi to strike me a pose while he was busy playing with his all-time favorite toy on his favorite ride! My ultimate model never disappoints me..so here it goes.

favorite toys

sea creatures

He was playing with his sea creatures, yesterday he was with his wild animals, some other day he will be with his insects or even dinosaurs (oh he loves dinos!) He says he wants to be a zoo keeper when he grows up! LOL!

You can check out awesome photos from friends who participated here:

It would be awesome and fun if you can join us!! Leave me a message if you are up for it! ?

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  1. Zoo keeper?! HAHA Rakshi is so nice! How old is he?
    Did you have to do research on the wildlife of sea animals? ?
    I am glad you joined us. Next week’s theme is EATING!!! ?

    xoxo, Eszter

    • Hi Eszter! He just turned 3yo last month. Yup! I really need to do some researching on the names of some of his toy animals. Several times he asked, ” What do you call this animal, Mom?” and my face just went blank, thinking..thinking..
      Thanks for the invite!