Ayla Hotel, Al Ain UAE : My personal Review

ayla hotel room

I first came to U.A.E. last June to process my professional license before I can finally start working. The facility which hired me provided me with a very comfortable accommodation. I stayed in Ayla Hotel in Al Ain, U.A.E. I have to say my stay was very pleasant and so I decided to write a review of Ayla Hotel for people who plans to visit U.A.E anytime soon, either for business or pleasure.

ayla hotel bedroom

The Ayla Hotel Rooms

I stayed in the hotel’s deluxe room and it has all the basic amenities you expect to enjoy in a good hotel. Free coffee and bottled water, a hair blower, water heater and free wifi access. There is ample space for me to move around and the furniture did not crowd the room. The bed was comfortable and really gave me a relaxing good night sleep.

The Staff

The staffs of Ayla Hotel are all helpful and acommodating. They are all very kind and they deal with all your queries with a smile. What really fascinated me with the hotel is that they make sure that every guest will be comfortable so they assign special guest relations staff according to your nationality. I am really not so sure about this but it is how i saw it when I was there. I was greeted by a Filipina staff in the lobby and I got a call from a Pinay, speaking in Tagalog when I was settled in my room, just to ask me if there is something I need and that I can just call her anytime if I have some concerns. I saw an Arab guest who was being entertained by an Arab looking employee and it seems like they are talking in their local language with much ease. Well, UAE has a multinational community after all so I suppose the hotel has a rooster of multinational employees too.

The Facilities

Ayla Hotel’s facilities are good. They have free wifi access in every room and the signal was quite decent. They have a swimming pool, which is in door by the way so you can enjoy a good swim despite the scorching heat of the sun in desert summer. The hotel is also conveniently located beside a small mall and grocery shop so you can just go down the hotel’s groundfloor and buy all the stuff you need.

The Free Breakfast

I know that a great free breakfast is a must for a hotel to be considered awesome and all I can say is that Ayla Hotel offers superb breakfast menu with a lot of choices. It is not at all shabby for me considering it is not a 5 star hotel.

ayla hotel lobby
I did have a great stay in Ayla Hotel Al Ain and I would definitely recommend the hotel to people who are planning a short stay in the beautiful city of Al Ain. The staffs are awesome and the room provided me with all the comfort I need.

Ayla Hotels
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
971 3 7610111


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