Children’s City in Creekside Park Dubai

I love writing about the places I have been and share about how awesome the place is. I am hoping someone who is planning to go and visit the place will land on this post and find my review helpful.
children's city creekside park

This post is a little late and long overdue, but I want to write about where my son and myself had the best time ever in UAE. We went to Children’s City which is situated inside Creekside Park  in Dubai. Children’s City is a very fun educational center for children of all ages.

The main reason why we decided to check out Creekside Park was to see the dolphin show in a Dolphinarium located inside the park. The show started 6 pm and we arrived in Creekside park at around 3 pm so there was a lot of time for us to explore the amusement park while waiting for the show to start.


The Dolphinarium signage outside the entrance at creekside park

Children’s City is basically an interactive activity center for children. It is a recreational haven for kids, with gallery and exhibitions for the young mind to explore. It has a planetarium where children can explore the galaxy, a science museum and a nature exhibit which features both land and sea creatures. The center also has a children theater, computer learning stations and is situated inside one of the most beautiful park in Dubai, the Creekside Park.

camel riding in children's city creekside park

Camel back riding at 20 aed/ person. Not bad.

Since I was a my 3 year old son, who just wants to run around the park and play in the playground, we were not able to explore the Children’s City inside and out. I was with my sister and we just enjoyed the cool breeze of the afternoon which we just get to experience for about 4 months in a year, being in a desert country. We just laid on our backs and laze the day away in the soft green grass and let the kids do pretty much whatever they want to do.

horse back riding in children's city creekside park

the kids can go horse back riding too!

Oh and the Creekside Park have camel and horse back riding too! Just take your pick! We rode both, but believe me riding the camel is more scary. It must be because the animal is so tall, and we were way up there. The camel has a wobbly gait! My boy enjoyed it a lot and was not scared at all.

creekside park playground

a children’s playground equipped with slides, monkey bars, see saws and swings

The playground was perfect, complete with swings, see-saws, slides and monkey bars which are nestled in fine white sand so kids can safely play and even build sand castles!

children's city playground area creekside park

playing with sand in the playground

children's city rides


The Children’s City and Creekside Park is a complete recreational package. It also has kiddie rides and carnival entertainment! My kids went crazy and were confused where to go first since we only have 3 hours to roam around and explore the park.

creekside park rolling hills

several rolling hills covered with green grass where kids can just roll and enjoy

The creekside park has everything you could possibly want from a park. It has several rolling hills, carnivals, kiddie rides and has the most breathtaking view of the city.

creekside park

the beautiful view by the creek

The view beside the play area is spectacular, and we enjoyed the cool water breeze. I will surely come back with the kids again and turn the place inside and out. It is a place where I can relax after days of stressful work. I can even just take my laptop with me and work on my blog instead of staying at home and go stir-crazy playing with my super rambunctious but equally adorable son.

And by the way, the Dolphin show was amazing, certainly worth my time.


Children’s City, Dubai UAE
Creekside Park – Riyadh Rd – Dubai
04 334 0808


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