Autism Spectrum Disorder

autism spectrum disorderWhat is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

This question, is one of the most commonly asked by parents of my patients. The diagnosis of autism has come a long way for the past 10 years and it has presently become one of the much publicized child disorder. The vast knowledge that is readily available in the internet,worry the parents all the more, because they tend to self diagnose their kid’s condition base on what they have read on the net. [Read more…]

Does your Child Have Language Delay?: Types of Language Disorder

language delay

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Worried about language delay?

Speech and language development is a crucial and important milestone in a child.I am often asked by most of my patient’s moms, when their baby or their toddler will start talking. Does her child have language delay? I would always say that while it is normal for a 2 year old toddler to be able to talk in 2-3 word phrases and communicate his or her needs clearly through language, you do not need to fret if your 2 year old still cannot connect 3 words to form a phrase. Speech and language development is very complex and there is actually no hard and fast rule on when a child can actually fully develop this ability. [Read more…]