Dry Chicken Masala Recipe

chicken masala

Another Indian dish coming right up friends! This time, I am going to share with you, a chicken masala recipe I got from my mother in law, as usual. She is always very supportive when I try to bug her and ask about all the different spices, leaves, powders even when she is busy cooking. I get really confused with all the names and the looks of all the different ingredients, that I have to take pictures for reference, just in case. [Read more…]

Filipino Style Fried Chicken

filipino style fried chicken

There are several variations on preparing fried chicken, but the Filipino style fried chicken will always be my favorite. I like my chicken without breading, and this is how Filipinos fry their chicken. I have grown up eating this recipe and I will never want my fried chicken cooked any other way. [Read more…]

Sweet and Spicy Chicken – Stir Fry Recipe

sweet and spicy chicken recipe I was so busy and I have not been able to post lately. But now  I decided to give my blog some love it deserves and post a recipe you will surely adore — Stir fry sweet and spicy chicken! When it comes to food flavor mishmash, the combination of sweet and chili is always on top of my list.

[Read more…]