Chunky Tomato Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

chinky tomato spaghetti sauceHave you tried fresh tomato in your spaghetti?

The recipe I posted below is the same recipe I have enjoyed for the past 30 years– The chunky tomato spaghetti sauce which is easy to prepare and really yummy. I always want my spaghetti to  have lots of tomato chunks that I can actually taste it squashed between my palate and my tongue. I want my pasta al dente or firm.

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Pork with Pineapple and Broccoli : Stir Fry Recipe

pork with pineappleFor my first post, I chose one of my all time favorite pork recipe– pork with pineapple and broccoli. This is actually something that I always crave for and I use to prepare this recipe at least once a week for me and my family. Stir fry by definition means cooking quickly in very little oil and in extreme heat while stirring continuously. The technique is to cut the pork meat in really thin slices for it to cook fast inside out.
My version of Stir fry pork with pineapple and broccoli is something that you should try.

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