What Is Colic?

what is colicWhat We Need To Know About Colic

I know as a mother myself, how agonizing it is to see and hear my baby crying non-stop, where no amount of rocking or nursing can make him stop. This scenario would often leaves us distressed and after a few minutes, more often than not, you see yourself bringing your infant in the emergency room out of desperation. You know that your baby is in pain and there is nothing you can do to give him relief.First and foremost, why do babies cry?

Below are the most common cause of colic:

  • Babies especially the younger ones are still unable to verbalize their needs and wants. Most of the time, they just communicate by sending signals and by crying. There are countless reasons why a baby cry and below are the things that any parent should consider when their babies cry
  • Is the baby hungry? When was the last time you fed him? How much food or milk did he consume?
  • Check his nappy and make sure that his diaper is fresh and does not need changing. Babies feel very uncomfortable.
  • Is the baby tired and sleepy and is finding it hard to put himself to sleep? Exhaustion causes any infant to be restless and irritable.
  • Is the baby comfortable in his bed? Is he comfortable in what he is wearing?

After ruling out everything above, it is quite reasonable to suspect that your child may be suffering from colic.

What is colic?

So your baby is crying incessantly, he stops for a minute then before you know it, he is crying again. This makes any parent frustrated and worried that something serious might be happening to the baby. Is he in excruciating pain? He must be experiencing bouts of abdominal colic.Colic is a symptom that is associated with abdominal pain and paroxysms of very severe crying. This symptom is most common in babies less than 4 months old. The attack is very characteristic, it starts with a loud sudden onset of continuous crying that is very hard to calm. The abdomen is most of the time distended and hard and the baby could be flushed and pale. This attack could often lead to hospital admission because the parents would think that the baby is having a very serious problem and is in a lot of pain. Colic rarely persists beyond 4 months old. Although it is considered to be not a serious condition, it is very disturbing to both the parents and the infant.

What causes colic?

It is believed that some infants are susceptible to colic. Its cause is not clear but there are studies showing that it is related to hunger and swallowed air that is passed in to the intestine. It is also believed that food with high carbohydrate content causes colic.

How can you relieve colic?

You can hold the baby upright or you can put the baby in your lap in prone position. A warm water bottle or a heating pad sometimes helps too. The main goal is to help the baby pass out stool or flatus. Sometimes, for prolonged attack, sedation is very helpful.

How can you prevent colic attacks?

Although colic is really hard to prevent especially for infants who are prone to it, improving feeding techniques really helps like the practice of burping every after feeding. Over feeding and under feeding should be avoided. It is also important to establish a very comfortable and close emotional bond between the baby and the mother.
I really hope you find this post helpful. Leave me a comment, it will really make the mommy blogger in me very happy! :-)

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