Children’s City in Creekside Park Dubai

I love writing about the places I have been and share about how awesome the place is. I am hoping someone who is planning to go and visit the place will land on this post and find my review helpful.
children's city creekside park

This post is a little late and long overdue, but I want to write about where my son and myself had the best time ever in UAE. We went to Children’s City which is situated inside Creekside Park  in Dubai. Children’s City is a very fun educational center for children of all ages. [Read more…]

Right Now : 6:30pm


playing in the rooftopRight now, I am enjoying myself playing with my boy running like 2 crazy kids in the rooftop. This is something I rarely do when I am in working. Just enjoying my vacation and spending a lot of fun time with my son!

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Ayla Hotel, Al Ain UAE : My personal Review

ayla hotel room

I first came to U.A.E. last June to process my professional license before I can finally start working. The facility which hired me provided me with a very comfortable accommodation. I stayed in Ayla Hotel in Al Ain, U.A.E. I have to say my stay was very pleasant and so I decided to write a review of Ayla Hotel for people who plans to visit U.A.E anytime soon, either for business or pleasure.

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Fly at your own risk : Alone with a toddler

traveling with toddler

Travelling with a hyperactive toddler, much more alone, is a real handful. I have my fair share of horrific  (forgive the intentional exaggeration, just trying to emphasize a point here..) experiences while flying with my restless 3 year old boy, who gets really restless and excited when he is in a new and unfamiliar place like an airport.The longest flight I have been with him was 9 hours and that excludes the time for luggage check in, immigration check and the wait for boarding the aircraft! [Read more…]

The Cove Rotana Resort : Sweet Escape

facade cove rotana

Despite the scorching hot middle eastern summer, my family and I decided to have the perfect Eid getaway. We chose to stay in a hidden paradise in the entrance of Ras Al Khaimah, The Cove Rotana Resort. We had an over night stay in the resort which occupies a prime waterfront location in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. [Read more…]