There is this boy..he stole my heart


I decided to stay at home today because I was feeling under the weather. I have a bad attack of asthma and my nose is running, I just can’t keep up with it. LOL…and so, I decided to take some rest. Well, I saw this boy and inspiration hit me. I have to write about how I feel right now, I just cannot just let it pass. I have this strong desire to let it out and share how I feel about this boy…a boy I am so crazy about.

There is this boy, he makes my heart skips a beat when he flashes me his most adorable smile. I love him more than my life and as I was staring at him, while he was so intently watching tv, I thought to myself, ” I must have done something really good to deserve an angel like him. Beats me, but until now I am still in awe by his presence in my life.

There is this boy, who swept me off my feet and I mean that literally and idiomatically. In so many times I almost fell face on the ground every time I come running to him when I hear him cry because of some pain. He lost balance and fell a couple of times. He hurt his knees, his head, his arms and even worst than that, he fell sick that I have to hospitalize him three times. It breaks my heart to pieces, I never thought I could hurt that much.

There is this boy, he is my one great love. I will move mountains for him, I love him beyond words can the moon and back, or even farther than that.wpid-IMG_20130809_200203_20130809200405431_20130826033435393.jpg

There is this boy, he has the most adorable and alluring smile. He enjoys posing for the camera and loves getting photographed. He makes me laugh my guts out though, when he flashes me his many different silly faces and poses. Oh dear, its surprising how easily he makes me laugh.
There is this boy, he just turned three. He is half Indian, half Filipino…so gorgeous and perfect for me. He got his looks and charm from his Dad, I suppose.
There is this boy, who is crazy about me. He does not want me out of his sight. So clingy and whiny..and oh so noisy when cranky but I adore every bits of him nevertheless.image

There is this boy, he completes me.
There is this boy, he stole my heart…he calls me MOM.

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