5 Benefits of Reading to Your Child

What are the benefits of reading to your child?

It is never too early to start reading to your child. Reading to your unborn child who is still in your womb, even have great benefits. It is a great way to entertain a child, no matter what age and it is also effective means of building a close and personal relationship with your child.

  1. Reading to your child is one great way to bond with him or her. During this intimate moment with your child, they feel extra love and attention. This will make them feel important and they will reciprocate the attention that you give them. 
  2. Reading to babies helps them develop their language and auditory skills as well as their vision. They will enjoy looking at the pictures and would really love to hear the tone of your familiar voice. Babies understand the rhythm of your voice even before they begin to understand your words. 
  3. As your child grows up, he or she will become more interested in playing with friends and running around the house. Making time to read to your growing up child will help you rekindle that bonding moment where your baby is just snuggled in your arms while you lovingly look at him. Reading to your child will definitely bring both of you closer together. 
  4. Studies have shown that reading can help a child develop his language, imagination and perception of things around them. It gives them the boost to make their aptitude for learning higher. While reading to your child, they are harnessing their communication skills. 
  5. Reading to your child as early as possible make them realize that books are fun. As parents, we don’t want them to look at each of their books as a chore. It has been proven that children who are exposed to reading are least likely to get hooked on television, video games or computers as they grow older. 
Reading to your child has a myriad of benefits. This will prepare to academic excellence and at the same time, it also helps you get close to your kids as early as possible. Take time to read to them, no matter how busy your day is.

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  1. I love reading to my kids, and I wish I have more time to do this. I agree that reading is related to bonding, creativity, more interest in reading, and language acquisition. Right now, I’ve lost my bedtime reading time to my 5-year-old daughter because of my work, but I do my best to read with her anytime of the day. She can already read, but oftentimes, she wants me to be with her when she’s reading.

    • I have been reading to my son even when I was still pregnant with him! I don’t know if its coincidence or what, but he is so crazy about books even at the young age of 3. Good luck on your blog, I enjoyed reading your posts.