Toilet Training Toddlers : Tips and Pointers

toilet trainingToilet training toddlers : When is the best time?

When to toilet train a child is one of the most common concerns of parents. Several researches has been made in toilet training toddlers and it was found out that the most ideal age to toilet train a child is between the age of 2 years old to 4 years old. 

It is a very lengthy process that usually depends on each child’s willingness to be trained. Girls typically achieve bladder control earlier than boys and bowel control is often achieved easier and earlier than bladder control. About 90-95% of children are completely toilet trained by the age of 5 years.Early potty or toilet training, which is done before the age of 2 is discouraged because this often leads to chronic stool retention and encopresis.

How to start toilet training your toddler?

The key factor in the practice of toilet training is the readiness of the child. It is very important that this should not be forced when the child is not ready because this will just lead to other problems. A child’s readiness is apparent when the child communicates to the parents that he is wants to poo or pee. A child is also said to be ready for toilet training when he can at least withhold elimination for a few minutes and tells his parents that he wants to go to the toilet. 
The following are very important in potty training/ toilet training a child:


  • There should be positive reinforcement and regular toilet timings
  • Everything should be a routine that should be done every day for the child to get used to it 
  • Fear of sitting in the toilet bowl can be addressed by providing child friendly toilet seats that is both comfortable and fun 
  • Fear of inability to control elimination and accidents while not wearing diaper should always be regarded with support and understanding 


To sum it all up, all I can say is that toilet training is a partnership. Your partner is your child and he or she should be ready. You can drag him to the toilet but you can never make him go if he is not ready to do so. If at all you feel that your kid is the last child to be dry, do not feel that you failed on parenting. Take the pressure off you and your baby, and make toilet training as fun as possible for your baby, and not a dreaded task he has to accomplish.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. My son is almost ready to be to toilet trained, I think haha You’re right, we shouldn’t force them to use the toilet, or else it might be a traumatic experience for them (negative reinforcement). It’s better to help them transition to toilet training slowly.

    • Hi Jenny! Yes, guiding them would be less traumatic than forcing them to be potty trained. There is no hard and fast rule on the timing of toilet training your child. You just have to see to it that he or she is ready. No one knows them like you do.

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