Temper Tantrums : Learn How to Deal with It

how to deal with temper tantrums

Does your child have frequent temper tantrums?

Temper tantrums are normal part in the development of any child. How to control a child’s tantrum is often very challenging for the parents. Parents most often blame themselves and think that they have ineffective parenting skills when confronted on how to control their child’s tantrums. Temper tantrums depends on the child’s personality and triggering factors may vary.

A child’s tantrum has different types and these could be due to frustration, fatigue related, attention seeking, it can be also demanding, refusal to do something that is required of him to do, and it can also be rage like and potentially harmful.


Techniques on how to control temper tantrums

  • Temper tantrums that is due to fatigue or hunger, it is best that parents should provide support by feeding the child or making him sleep
  • A positive remark towards the child, made at the beginning of  temper tantrums attack can help mitigate the frustration that the child is feeling.
  • When the child is very insistent and refuses to listen and makes unreasonable demands, the best thing to do is to ignore him and allow the child time to regain his composure, let the temper tantrums settle itself.
  • When the child becomes very unreasonable and refuses to take bath or go to school, it is very important for parents to be very firm and persistent in ensuring compliance but if this fails, you can restrain the child and bring him to the bathroom or the car or any room in your house.
  • When the behavior of the child is getting disruptive especially while in a public place such as a grocery store or in a mall, it is best to take the child away from the place and impose a time-out.
  • When there is rage, it is best to physically restrain the child and allowing time for him to be calm and quiet


Temper tantrums may be very hard to control and often disrupts a parent’s daily routine. Even though is considered to be a normal part of every child’s development, it is still very important to access the family if there are contributing factors such as family violence of parental depression that often need further intervention.

Temper tantrums can even lead to frightening breath holding spells that would cause the child to turn cyanotic and even pass out. It is very important then, for parents to learn the art of dealing their toddler’s outbursts.

Telisha Jagz, M.D., EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

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