Welcome to Doctor Mom Recipes!

doctor mom recipesHi there! Thank you so much for visiting  Doctor Mom Recipes! You may be brought here by my social media links or probably by internet search, which by the way, is how I wish you landed here, I am ecstatic and very glad in any way.

I am Tisha, a wife, a mom and a child advocate. My initial purpose on creating this blog is just to let out the creative side of me, just to have a bucket to put my thoughts. I am a terrible writer, but I just enjoy writing! I think a lot and I enjoy learning too, which what made me into who I am and what I do at present.

What is Doctor Mom Recipes all about?

Well, I started this site thinking only of writing about 2 great and interesting topics that I am so passionate about — Child health care and cooking! Thus, the concept of this blog. Majority of my posts will either be about kid’s health related or about the recipes (well…mostly recipes :-)  that I tried to prepare at home.

The second section, is one thing that I enjoy doing for my family a lot, COOKING! When it comes to cooking, I am not afraid to deviate from the classic recipe. I experiment a lot and add my own flair!

Click below if you are interested to learn some easy and practical recipes from a self taught, but very passionate amateur chef. The link will take you to my recipe archives.

doctor mom recipes

Some entries will be ramblings and musings about my life or maybe places I have been to. I will be writing some nonsense every now and then too. LOL

If you want to know more about me, click here and here. I hope you enjoy your stay and keep on coming back for more! Leave me a message and I will get back at you as soon as I can.