About Me

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Hi there! My name is Tisha, I am a wife and a mother first of all and a practicing pediatrician who loves to write.

Doctormomrecipes.com is a merger of my two previous blog sites.

In this blog, I will provide information and facts that are intended to support any facts and concerns you had discussed with your own doctor.I talk and write about all things about parenting, child health and even pregnancy. I feel that being active in the social media will help me educate other parents like me and at the same time learn from them too.

Look through my posts and read the articles on this online pediatric health portal and you will heap numerous important and useful parenting tips as well as useful knowledge on the most common pediatric medical and developmental problems most concern parents are having these days.
The site was made to provide reliable and pediatric specialist verified health information to parents who are also very busy working to provide for their little ones or for any mom and dad out there who just want to be informed.
On the other side of the blog,  I will be sharing ultra-practical culinary recipes any busy moms can easily prepare. Cooking is my passion and my ultimate stress buster after a long tiring day at work and I love experimenting and improvising recipes. I am no expert and I actually do not cook fancy, I like it practical and easy.

What makes DoctorMomRecipes.com different from other pediatric health sites?

Doctormomrecipes.com is a personal site, it is basically a mommy blog and a kids health site merged into one. It is my way to reach out to other moms and it is my wonderland, where my world as a mommy and as a doctor collides. There will be post that would be too medical but I am trying to write my posts here as simple and plain as possible.
You can also send me an email at tisha@doctormomrecipes(dot)com and I’ll get back at you as soon as I can.
Thanks a lot for dropping by! I hope you visit again.